GenZ, Cybersecurity, and New Security Measures on User-Facing Tech

An SNSI Security Summit webinar

GenZ, Cybersecurity, and New Security Measures on User-Facing Tech – an SNSI Security Summit

Join the SNSI Security Summit for a lively session exploring GenZ, the largest cohort in higher ed institutions, and a discussion on memorable solutions to cybersecurity training and new security measures on user-facing technology.

Tuesday, October 10 at 2:00pm Eastern (US)

GenZ, born between the mid-1990s and 2010, is adept at integrating their online and offline lives and typically has a variety of devices at hand. Their digital lifestyle often casts the perception that GenZ is well-versed in data privacy and online security. Yet, it has been reported that nearly 60% of GenZers never received any cybersecurity training. Perhaps consequently, it has also been reported that GenZ has the highest victimization rates for phishing, the second highest rate for identity theft, and will often trade their personal data for a discount.  

Hackers are smart. They target your network’s weakest link, the people. How are institutions addressing and providing proactive, memorable training to better protect their institutions while keeping an eye on ‘what’s next’ like forthcoming security updates to user-facing technology?

Dr. Roberta Katz from Stanford University will lead us through an overview of GenZ while Chas Grundy shares his experience of Notre Dame University’s Cybersecurity Carnival, and then, Jason Griffey of NISO will impart an overview of upcoming security changes in user-facing technology.


  • Gain better understanding of Generation Z, the largest cohort on college campuses
  • Learn about creative, memorable ways to train on cybersecurity, with examples from Notre Dame University’s Cybersecurity Carnival
  • Increase awareness of expected security changes to user-facing technology