Recommended Cybersecurity Videos

REN-ISAC for Research Facilities/Projects 

REN-ISAC presentation from the Trusted CI Webinar Series.  Part of the National Science foundation Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CI in this case stands for cyber infrastructure, the structure that makes scientific research possible.) introduces phishing as the entry point for many other forms of intrusion and damage.  42:56 in length.  January 27, 2020.

NSF 2021 Cybersecurity Summit: Trusted CI State of the Union

Multiple videos on different topics.  Emphasis on integrity of science.  Introduces separate talks on ransomware, authentication, etc.  Not specific to libraries but very specific to higher education.  Introduction by itself is 21:21 in length.  November 1, 2021.  Introduces the idea of the CI Framework which can be explored separately.  Mainly important to know this organization exists and what they say and do relates directly to NSF funded research.

Cybersecurity 101 from NOVA PBS 

Less than 4 minutes long.  A quick introduction with a snappy pace for people with no background at all.  Invites users to try their skills in a NOVA PBS cybersecurity activity if they wish.

Understanding Cybersecurity for Libraries from TLC (The Library Corporation) 

43:26 in length.  Video is from February 23, 2022.  Has some TLC specific content, but still pretty on target for libraries.

IT Security for Libraries: Part 1 - Securing Your Library 

A presentation by a cybersecurity professional for the Illinois Library System.  56:56 minutes in length.  Feb 21, 2017.  Relatively detailed view, heavy with tips. 

JISC: Cyber Security 

11:31 in length.  Dated Nov 17, 2017.  A general awareness video introducing terminology and security threats, as well as the mitigation effort made by JISC.  The context is higher education in the UK, though the message is universal.

Cyber Security in Higher Education (The 2021 SNSI Security Summit) 

1:28:12 in length.  Dated October 15, 2021.  This is the most recent SNSI sponsored thinking on cyber security in higher education hosted by Choice ACRL.  Featured speakers are Daniel Ayala, Managing Partner at Secratic, Emily McElroy, Dean of the McCoogan Library at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Heather Flanagan, principal at Spherical Cow Counseling and technical liaison for Seamless Access.  Spanish translation is available.

OmniSOC: a cyber security operations center for higher education 

A brief look into the shared network security apparatus of the Big Ten Academic Alliance.  2:42 in length.  Dated October 27, 2020.  Chiefly helpful to understand that sharing the burden and perhaps costs relating to cybersecurity is one solution for higher education.

On the future of cybersecurity in higher education

51:47 in length.  Dated October 4, 2017.   Associated with the Future Trends in Technology and Education Project whose web site is at  The FTTE group produces a monthly report available on a low cost subscription basis.  The principal at FTTE is Bryan Alexander, who is also the host